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Fun fact: Electricity isn’t guaranteed.

About a week ago now my neighborhood experienced a blackout after a transformer failed during a mild thunderstorm. That’s right, MILD. The weather doesn’t have to be obnoxious for the power to go out, folks.

Now for most of us blackouts aren’t a big deal but think about what a blackout does to people who are legally blind. In my house hold this is a huge concern.

Candle light is not very bright. If you’ve ever tried to make your way through your house with just a candle you’ve undoubtedly run into furniture. Now imagine that you were legally blind- the shadow factor increases exponentially.

To combat this issue in my home I’ve made it a point to have gallon water jugs on hand, clear duct tape and LED light tap on/off battery powered lights. When the lights go out, we have nice milk jug lamps.



Just place the flash inward, against the gallon jug filled with water and duct tape it on. The water helps amplify the light. Works awesomely for my family and I believe it can help yours too!

IMG_20130701_004128 (1)Beyond blackouts these lamps can come in handy if you want to save money on your electrical bill. Of course it’s not as bright as a regular light bulb, but it gets the job done.

This is also makes a great and safe lights to have in your tent when camping.

Make sure that you have the appropriate batteries for these flashlights. I believe mine takes triple A but double check and watch the dates.

I hope you find this of use. And remember, as my mother always says, better to have it and not need than to not have it and need it.

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June 2nd 2013

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April 13th 2013

oil no problem

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Water Heater

The water heater has gone out. I can’t relight it so I’m going to assume it needs to be repaired or possibly replaced. Oddly enough I’m not that upset about the situation.

boiling waterYes it’s cold out, no I haven’t had a bath today and yes I have dishes that need to be washed but here’s a truism I have consider: I still have running water and electricity and a stove. The convenience  is gone but I’m not completely down. I can still boil water so that I can HAVE hot water.


Sure things are going to take a little longer to get done but they’ll get done and what’s so bad about learning to slow life down anyway?

Stepping back from all this I’m realizing there is a much bigger lesson happening here than learning to be patient to get things done- I’m learning that for all the wonderful things gives us technology can really be a pain in the ass. Things go along fine when you have it and when it’s gone, you’re almost lost.

I’m choosing not to be lost.

I’m going to have to get creative to have the things I WANT to have but isn’t that how we bring progress about? Well, I think it is anyway.

Do you want to know who doesn’t panic about the water heater being broken? The Amish. Indigenous people. Folks living off the grid. And ya know, I’m beginning to think they have it right. They’ve exchanged the problems of a technology based life for a complete other set of problems in life known as living. and

So here we are- no hot water, no idea when I’ll have it fixed and a great chance to learn how not to rely on technology.

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January 22nd 2013


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April 29th 2012

The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives.” -Native American Proverb

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What I learned from the Buddha and Mr. Krabs

Some where along the line the idea, the concept that money was paramount to human survival developed and we were dumb enough to buy into this idea. Now this idea that money is essential for survival has become fact. We, humanity, have willing chosen to make money the vehicle  in which we are able to survive. -D.S. Gagnon

It’s amazing what I think about while sweeping.

With nothing much else to do at work the other day I ended up sweeping the floor for 2 hours. (Seriously) Working alone and the store being rather quiet, I was able to concentrate more on my latest mind meanderings about money and just how stupid humanity really is when it comes to this green stuff.

While sweeping away at the various isles I latched onto Mr. Krabs (as in the owner of the Krusty Krab) saying, “It’s money that makes the world go round!” And I couldn’t help but think- No it isn’t. It only is because we’ve made it so, but it isn’t.

I couldn’t help but think of Mr. Krab’s pathetic existence. For a crab who lives under the sea and works with an awesome sponge, he doesn’t have much of a life because he is consumed with getting more money. Mr. Krabs, like most people whose lives revolve around money are clueless to the actual truths of money:

Money is only important because we make it so.

In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true. -Buddha

We don’t need money, we only think we do and because we think we need it, it has become a truth, but here’s what the people who prize money and distinction don’t want you to know: It’s a lie.

What would happen if humanity stopped clinging to money? What would happen if we understood what the animals around us understand? Could this world function if humanity understood that money is NOT essential to our survival?

Shockingly, the world could function without money and humanity could and would survive. We’ve survived for 200,000 years on 5 basic elements: water, air, earth, fire, and love and guess what, millions of species continue to do so today. We’re just the only ones dumb enough to not allow nature to provide for us the way she provides for everything else.


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