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Religious Lobbying

religious lobbying

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April 6th 2013

religion government

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March 1st 2013

John Adams book of laws

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What puts you in a rage?

What makes you so mad that your heart rate spikes, you spit and want to get in a good old fashioned fist fight?

For me it’s government debating a VOTE on human rights.

Currently the Illinois Senate is debating if they should pass equal marriage. They are hearing testimony and even allowed a “pastor” to read from the Bible to justify his stance against equal marriage.

News flash: The State Capital Building is not a church. The US has separation of Church and State and the fun thing about human rights is YOU DON’T VOTE for them-They are automatic!

Churches in the US are trying to justify their bigotry towards homosexuals by saying that equal marriage would impede their religious freedoms. When was the last time a church was forced to marry anyone? I know, personally, of pastors who refused to marry a couple because they got pregnant outside of wedlock, they lived together before they were married and refused to marry a couple because they were of 2 different “races.” (Side note, race doesn’t actually  exist. The concept, like religion, is man-made.)

What is this game of voting on human rights? It seems to me that we’re wasting an awful lot of tax dollars on stupid arguments that have nothing to do with anything other than giving a lobbyist a pay check for a minute.

This-the debate over basic human rights, is what puts me into a rage. How stupid do you have to be to not understand that human rights are fundamental? Do you come by the stupidity naturally or did you take a class?

If you deny rights to others you do not deserve them for yourself. Period.


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December 27th 2012

scientifically ignorant

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