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June 17th 2013

eat the rich

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April 25th 2013

rich idleness

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December 28th 2012

Adam Smith

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November 16th 2012

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January 23rd 2012

The rich would have to eat money if the poor did not provide food. -Russian Proverb

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Black Friday: Proud of Yourself, America?

Man Tased at Wal-Mart

Black Friday brings Out Bad Behavior

Woman Pepper Sprays other Black Friday Shoppers

Off-duty Police Pepper Spray NC Shoppers

Proud of yourselves, America? This is what the world sees. For the past year, if not more, all I’ve heard is people bitching about greed, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and then what do you do? Wait for all those “bargains”, go out in the middle of the night, spend your poor pay check to make another man richer. Good job. You’ve learned nothing.

I’d ask when you will learn but if history tells me anything, the answer is, You never will. Year in and year out, the bitching will continue that “commercialism is taking over”, “Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year”, and “Blah blah blah corporations, blah blah blah greed.”

Things won’t change until you stop feeding the beast. Things won’t change until you stop supporting corporations and start supporting small businesses.





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I don’t want to have to sleep alone just so the rich can get richer

In America, one in five children are facing “food insecurity” while big box stores are worried about the bottom line. Does anyone else see what’s wrong with this?

It’s not just the holidays that I get all reflective- it’s an every day event. But this year I’ve been drawn into reflection over and over again about the greed happening in America and it’s seriously caused me to be ashamed to admit I’m an American. (Chew on that Congress.)

This year the greed slapping the American people in the face is hitting me hard: My fiancee has to work 12 am to 9 am Friday morning just so schmucks who’ve allowed themselves to be bought can get the best deal of the seasons can shop and ┬áI am ever more preoccupied with the fact that more and more people in this country are facing HUNGER.

Why am I preoccupied with these things? First of all, I don’t want to have to sleep alone just so the rich can get richer off the poor. Secondly, hunger has impacted my life in very personal ways. Thirdly, the fact that the American public keeps voting people in who allow the rich to get richer while the poor get poorer and the hungry to get hungrier pisses me off to no end.

Though I’m sure every generation thinks the political happenings in their time are the worst I can’t help but feel my generation is the generation of stupid. I would suggest that we get Congress all together and have them watch A Christmas Carol but I know damn well they wouldn’t get it because again, for Congress its all about the bottom line. Congress, I’m sure, would say “Let them die and decrease the surplus population.”

At what point do we heed the messages that bombard us from holiday movies? Year after year we learn that greed is bad, giving is good and are reminded to be ever thankful. It seems to be the back bone of American┬áideology, but lets be serious: The backbone of America has become the dollar sign. I’m so glad the pilgrims escaped a Christian nation’s persecution just start a nation of greed.




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