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April 10th 2013

50,000 minimum wage

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Food Stamps and Poverty

food stamps

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Illinois- a scoundrel of a state. Can’t pay its bills, has its credit rating downgraded, her governors try to sell senate seats and gangsters raise empires with little to no resistance.

Folks here are poor, desperately poor, hungry and there is little to no work. So what does Illinois do?

They reward profiting businesses by passing laws that make it perfectly legal to pay people less than minimum wage.

What is minimum wage in Illinois?

Minimum wage in Illinois is $8.25 per hour for those individuals who are 18 years and older. Employees who do NOT receive tips may be paid $7.75 for the first 90 days with employer. Those under 18 years of age may be paid at the rate of $7.75 per hour. For more information, click here. 820 ILCS 105/4.

Seems legit, right?

I can’t help but wonder how much money corporations and businessmen alike have paid to law makers to allow this to be the case. 1 in 6 Americans are hungry but let’s make it okay to pay less than minimum wage.

I’m not okay with this. It’s sickening.

My Dear Illinois Government, if you want to improve anything I suggest you start treating your citizens as though they have the power to vote you out of office instead of as slaves. You aren’t doing anyone any favors by rewarding corporations and businesses for under paying your citizens.

I warn you now: without work, without a decent living, things go to hell and they get there quickly.

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A Real Job

What constitutes a real job?

I thought that working during a specific time frame for a pay check constituted as a real job but apparently I was wrong.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been doing some extra work along with working at a restaurant (on top of writing a business plan, doing my author stuffs and such) and randomly, while I was on my route, someone exclaimed: Oh! You got a real job!

What the hell is that supposed to mean? “Real” job.

For some crazy reason people tend to think that the blue collar jobs out there aren’t necessarily “real” jobs, that they are transitional jobs from being a teenager to adulthood.

Reality check: Millions of people work minimum wage jobs. In 2010, 72.9 million people (58.8% of Americans) worked those jobs.

These blue collar jobs, whether it be a server at your local diner, a city worker, a delivery driver, the cashier at the pharmacy, are the back bone of our society. Without them, shopping, shipping and dinning wouldn’t be nearly as easy to do.

I think what I’ve run into here is that this individual, like many higher up on the food chain when it comes to employment, tend to take these blue collared workers for granted- sort of just expecting that someone will always be there to do those “not real jobs”. But that someone doing that job is a person, a real person, doing a real job- not a commodity- they are a necessity.

The next time you go out to eat, remember there is a cook in the back preparing that food for you, doing their job, and the next time you go shopping, there is a stock person putting merchandise out for your convenience, just doing their job and be grateful they are doing those jobs. It makes your life that much easier.

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