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July 6th 2013

mother earth has rights

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Gods of Convenience Pathway to Destruction: Part 3 History of Money

Humanity will live longer, healthier and happier lives the second they decide money truly has no value.

How do I know?

Roaches and sharks.

I see y’all swimming over there…

Sharks, my friends, have been on this planet for 890 million years whilst roaches have been around for 280 million years. By the time the dinosaur showed up, sharks were already 400 million years old.

Yep, each species, shark and roach, are incredibly adaptive but their amazing ability to put no actual value into money has caused their species to thrive.

Don’t believe me? Just go to Memphis and wait for a roach to come crawling out of your kitchen sink. They’re every where…


Derp… Money… Derp

Anatomically modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago, reaching full behavioral modernity around 50,000 years ago. Somewhere in that 50,000 years mankind was like: Hey guys, I’ll give you this shell and you’ll give me a service- and thus money was born.

The tragedy of homo sapiens (Latin word for “wise man”) is that by coming up with the “convince” of money he doomed his existence.

How do I know?

Sharks and roaches.

Money has removed us from nature- practically giving us this idea that we are separate from nature. Through money we created man-made environments, air conditioning, heated buildings, cars, roads, egg beaters and in so doing we destroyed the planet which will inevitably destroy us. And for what? Because we gotta make that dollar so we can buy that car that gets us to that job that gives us more money so we can buy something else that we don’t NEED because we have this big void in our hearts that we think we can fill with money.

I can’t give hugs

News flash folks, you can’t fill that void with money!

How do I know?

Sharks and roaches.

Survival doesn’t happen because of money- it happens despite it.

How do I know?

Roaches and Sharks.

I got 99 problems and money ain’t one of ’em

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