Frank Update 3

Sorry that I haven’t updated about Frank.

We went to visit him yesterday to see how he was and if we could bring him home. As you can tell from my shoes he was still bleeding.



We decided keeping at the vet’s office for at least another day would be a prudent move.

Today we were able to bring him home though there is still some bleeding. No where near the level it was.

He has been urinating better although he hasn’t quite figured out that he can’t lift his leg right now.

We are still not out of the woods. There is a possibility that he may need 2 more surgeries in order to get everything functioning normally again and there is a slight possibility that his penis will have to be amputated but I don’t even want to think about that.

There could be scaring in his urethra that would cause us to have to another surgery but that is a month or so away before we have to deal with that.

Please feel free to share these posts- we need all the moral support we can get!

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