Frank Update 2

Well we were supposed to bring Mr. Franklin home today after his surgery last night however after they removed the catheter he began bleeding. Sadly there could be bleeding for some time.

Right now, the doctor feels it could take a couple months for everything to heal properly and if it doesn’t, sigh, we face possibly another surgery.

The poor little boy can’t even pee out of his Mr- it has to come out of the incision area and he doesn’t have control over it. Hello puppy pads and more money (that we don’t have) spent.

Frank We will be going to visit him daily until he can come home and we are thinking out every aspect we need to get covered to make being home restful instead of stressful.

We are facing rather big bills here as he will have to visit the vet every 2 weeks for quite awhile now. And of course, I’m still laid off-going on three weeks now.

Hopefully we can get things squared away.

Please feel free to share Frank’s story. He’s our boy-not a pet-he’s our family.

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