Willful Ignorance



It takes a very special kind of stupid to get me to face palm. Usually I just shake my head and walk away knowing I don’t have to go to bed with said Stupid. But right now I’m having a mix of face palm and wanting to pull an Edna Mode and bitch slap someone with a rolled up news paper.

A few years ago now a Mormon friend of mine visited the Americas for the first time. She was from Australia so I tried to show her American past times-baseball games, foot long hot-dogs and museums.

I took her to a Native American museum leaving alone the fact that the artifacts within the museum completely disproved the Book of Mormon and hoped that perhaps she would enjoy sharing the experience of learning about my ancestors.

And today…5 years later…she admits the museum disproved the Book of Mormon. Is she still a Mormon? You betcha.

pull yourself together

This, this my friends, this is true stupidity.

When you’re faced with the facts and chose to believe anyway-not only is it a slap in the face to the archaeologists and historians who preserved the artifacts -it is the ultimate in BEING stupid. Choosing to be this stupid is what is stopping human progression.

Honestly, I can’t deal with this level of stupid. I could hang myself with the rope of willful ignorance that binds so many people. I think perhaps I will… Jesus Christ…

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