Dear Atheists, I’m Pissed At You

The resignation of His Holiness Pope Benedict has pissed me off, but not for reasons you might think. Besides the fact that I think he’s a pussy for calling it quits simply because he’s “tired” and Pope John Paul kicked it as his Holiness until death even though he had Parkinson’s, I am beyond ANNOYED with the Atheist community’s reaction to his retirement. Every opportunity atheists get they slam the Pope and perpetually berate the public with lame jokes and “philosophical” view points. How insecure with your non-belief are you that you have to slam the Pope who despises you just as equally? The atheist community isn’t doing itself any favors and their PR will not get any better until they learn this: The one most difficult-and most necessary- thing to achieve is to love one’s fellows despite all invitation to do otherwise. AND we must understand the fact that greatness does not stem from savage wars or being known. It stems from being true to one’s own decency, from going on helping others whatever they do or think or say and despite all savage acts against one, to persevere without changing one’s basic attitude toward man. The real lesson here is to LOVE.

The cross of Pope Benedict XVI

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