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February 27th 2013


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February 26th 2013

mankind and death

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February 25th 2013

talking snake

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February 24th 2013



Any time Detroit scores more than 100 points and holds the other team below 100 points they almost always win. -Doug Collins

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Water Heater Part 2

So because the water heater died today and of course it being Sunday so I couldn’t get someone into fix it, I was forced to get creative as to how I would have hot water for bathing and doing dishes.

This evening I boiled a dozen or so pots of water to be able to allow my wife and I take a bath. Filled the tub with half cold water and then added the pots of boiling water. Just for a kicker I ran water through the coffee maker to have hot water to add as bursts of warmth for both her and me.

Ya know what?

The challenge of going without the convenience of the hot water heater was fun!

I admit that it looked rather silly carrying boiling pots of water into the bathroom and dumping it into the tub but it worked. My family is bathed and in reality we’ve only had to make do rather than going with out.

I think that’s something I needed to learn about in my current situation in life. Lately I’ve been frustrated, sick (for three weeks), jobless and constantly figuring out how to pay bills for the last few months BUT I’ve only had to make do rather than going with out. Sure I’ve had to go with out all the little extra luxuries but honestly, I don’t miss them.

In today’s modern American society I think that we have lost sight of realizing that there is a huge difference between needs and wants. This experience with having the water heater die on the weekend has provided me with a wake up call: My needs are met. My wants may or may not be realized but my needs are met.

I’ve been frustrated with my situation in life, sharing a multi-generational household because of lack of employment and having to help care for a handicap parent but the water heater breaking has taught me it could be so much worse. I’ve a bed, I’ve food, I’ve clothes and am surrounded by people and pets who love me. How lucky is that?!

Next time you’re water heater breaks enjoy the moment of realizing how truly blessed you are.

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Water Heater

The water heater has gone out. I can’t relight it so I’m going to assume it needs to be repaired or possibly replaced. Oddly enough I’m not that upset about the situation.

boiling waterYes it’s cold out, no I haven’t had a bath today and yes I have dishes that need to be washed but here’s a truism I have consider: I still have running water and electricity and a stove. The convenience  is gone but I’m not completely down. I can still boil water so that I can HAVE hot water.


Sure things are going to take a little longer to get done but they’ll get done and what’s so bad about learning to slow life down anyway?

Stepping back from all this I’m realizing there is a much bigger lesson happening here than learning to be patient to get things done- I’m learning that for all the wonderful things gives us technology can really be a pain in the ass. Things go along fine when you have it and when it’s gone, you’re almost lost.

I’m choosing not to be lost.

I’m going to have to get creative to have the things I WANT to have but isn’t that how we bring progress about? Well, I think it is anyway.

Do you want to know who doesn’t panic about the water heater being broken? The Amish. Indigenous people. Folks living off the grid. And ya know, I’m beginning to think they have it right. They’ve exchanged the problems of a technology based life for a complete other set of problems in life known as living. and

So here we are- no hot water, no idea when I’ll have it fixed and a great chance to learn how not to rely on technology.

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February 23rd 2013

ShotOfTheDay-WinStimpsonBirthday_0748HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!


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