The Story of Who Got Their Driver’s License

This is a true story that was told at my family’s dinner table. I know the terminology may be viewed as offensive but please understand the man saying the word “retarded” is in his 70’s and when he was a kid (1957) saying “retard” literally meant developed mentally disabled.

My dad joked this evening about heading to the other DMV for Cook County, Illinois after he failed his driving exam. This delightful tail wandered off to the story of when he FIRST tried to get his driver’s license.

“It was when we were all back on Long Island. There were 4 of us in the car with the examiner. Myself, two girls and a marginally retarded fellow. The girls were pretty confident they would get their license. I wasn’t so sure because I was pretty nervous. Anyway, we go out and take our test. Ya know who got their license? The retarded guy.”

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