Oh Xanax Help Me

How does a business succeed without leadership?

Currently I’m questioning this, I’m questioning it hard as I’m working for a restaurant that has ZERO leadership at the moment.

After EXTREME frustration working in a kitchen where the boss has no idea how to operate it I finally snapped this evening. And while yes, I’m sure my tone was harsh and could be easily misconstrued as being aggressive it was out of exasperated frustrated that I just flat out said: “You have no idea what is happening in your own kitchen…”

I’m facing a situation where there is absolutely no leadership in the the kitchen at work. There is no direction, there is no clear goal, no understanding of what exactly my boss’s intention are- apparently we’re supposed to just read her mind. Regardless of the fact that its her restaurant, supposedly, her menu and she orders the food, she has some how gotten the idea that she shouldn’t tell us what to do in the kitchen.

My logical question then becomes: Then why do you even have a restaurant or employees?

My entire life I’ve been around small businesses, unfortunately around some corporations and have helped open several restaurants. And in every situation, for the most part, there was clear direction, a clear goal, clear expectations and oddly enough, there was a leader who set the pace. And now, I’m working simply for a pay check because honestly, there’s no leadership.

It’s completely frustrating but what makes it worse- My boss is an amazing person. She’s a soft hearted person-someone who cares about people and wants people happy and from day one I have wanted her to succeed more than I have ever wanted anyone to succeed-but it’s killing me to watch a leaderless kitchen struggling to function on the limited tools we’re given simply because our boss hasn’t expressed what she wants and will not use the people she has who know how to help her.

Tomorrow I’ll be expressing all of this to her and honestly I have no regrets for what I said to her this evening-I’m just disappointed and sad because I have a sickening feeling the restaurant will go under. And while the employees there will simply move on and find other jobs, the poor thing will be left with the debt for several years to come.

I wish I could say God help me as I mentally prepare to have this conversation with her, but Xanax help me will just have to do.



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