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So…we till the ground, remove the grass clumps, weed, add organic feed, get our seeds planted, tend to them, water the garden, weed, etc etc etc and then someone comes in and steals our produce.


It’s hot, it’s hard work, I work about 16 hours a day, hold a job outside the house, grow a garden for my family, friends and to sell produce at a farmer’s market and then someone steals my produce.


This is me publicly stating: Whoever did it is a loser. Yep, you’re a loser. Period.

Now here’s the deal: I care about people and seriously do care about whether or not people are hungry but if you steal to eat instead of just ringing my door bell and asking for produce, you’re a freakin’ loser. All you have to do is ring my door bell and ask me: “Hey, I can’t afford my groceries. May…

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