Gods of Convenience Pathway to Destruction: Part 1 A

Sunday’s thought of the day was this quote of one of our planet’s greatest minds, Dr. Vandana Shiva:

I pinned to Pinterest and several others repinned it. And then I got this bit of a rant back:

No, she is a fool. Corporations provide jobs, jobs provide money, money, provides necessities for people’s lives…..Spenting the money you earn provides jobs, jobs provides necessities etc……Corporations are made up of people using their God given gifts and talents to EARN a living, pay for education, and things to enjoy. She is a fool indeed. Be very careful who you listen to, because “a hungry person will eat anything”. Don’t be a fool. –J.L.

For the sake of fun, I’ll keep this individual’s identity private on this blog post…

I have been working on this series of Gods of Convenience Pathway to Destruction and had every intention on moving forward with an explanation of the fact that money, like numbers, cars and the ice cream cone, was invented but then was blind sided by stupidity.

I’m going to put this in very simple terms: Money is INVENTED. Being paid for a job in order for your personal survival is INVENTED. Corporations are INVENTED and DO NOT in fact have anything to do with human survival. The problem is we have been trained from a very early age to think that money, “careers” and oh yeah, money are all important to our survival. And this brain washing, of sorts, has ultimately led people to counter survival lives.

I’ll explain more as I move through this series but for the meantime I’d like you to consider what I’m saying compared to what corporate America is telling you. Then I’d like you to consider the state that America is in because of all these “wonderful” corporations. I want you to remember what “money” has done for this country starting in October 1929 and what it did to this country during the latest recession.

Then I want you to remember this: Advertisers know how to get to the money in your pocket. They are trained to have you seek fulfillment outside yourself, for your dreams to include their products, their life-for their dream to become your dream. –Jim Merkel

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