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May 31st 2012



“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearsome master.” -George Washington

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May 30th 2012

Do not sell your soul for a paycheck, for by accepting a paycheck from a corrupt company, which is headed by greedy, corrupt people you are just as void of moral integrity as they are. -D.S. Gagnon

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May 29th 2012

A good government implies two things; first, fidelity to the objects of the government; secondly, a knowledge of the means, by which those objects can be best attained. -Joseph Story

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May 28th 2012

So let me get this straight- you essentially have a 2 party country…one side loves war, the other side loves to protest war…You’re perpetually egging each other on… Gawd humans are stupid. – Tort the Tri-pod Cat

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May 27th 2012

Humanity makes no sense. Human beings insist on having a government but flip out when the government tells them how to live. Either govern yourselves or shut up about the government governing you. -Tort the Tri-pod Cat

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The Three F’s

The Three F’s is part of the Gods of Convenience Pathway to Destruction series. I have ADD so get easily side tracked. Deal with it. Will post about the history of money later.

It takes a special kind of stupid to pay someone to tell you how YOU should live. Yet we do it and we do it all the time.

Advertisers know how to get to the money in your pocket. They are trained to have you seek fulfillment outside yourself, for your dreams to include their products, their life-for their dream to become your dream. (1) This is a truth that wold freak retail stores into absolute panic if everyone knew it; for if everyone knew this truth our understanding of what we need verses what we think we need would ruin several and various kinds of retail businesses. -D.S. Gagnon

I work for myself, running a shop selling handmade items, grow an organic garden, selling the produce at local farmer’s markets and co-author a food blog  when I get the time to sit and write. My life is busy and is satisfying even though my monthly income is literally less than $500. I’m not kidding.

How do I do it? I’ve learned a valuable lesson whilst gardening.

The Garden at the Beginning of the Season

My house sits on a lot and half in a rural community. My garden is 800 square feet so needless to say I spend a lot of time wedding, watering, pruning as needed and so forth and while doing all this I get to see animals running about living their lives.


We have squirrels running about the yard, annoying the birds as they too, munch away on the bird feeders. But these little rodents have taught me what the purpose of life is really all about and that purpose is what I’ve come to call the Three F’s.



Are you ready for this? Are you ready for what the grand purpose of life is? Ok, here you go:

  1. Fun
  2. Food
  3. Fucking

There you have it. The long and short of it.

Squirrels have taught me that productivity in finding food is good work- it’s satisfying work and so I grow a garden. And so for around $50 I feed myself the entire summer and into the fall. Am able to dry herbs, can vegetables and have food throughout the winter.

And once the work is done, the play is essential and so I blog, I learn, I spend time with my family, read, write, and do those things that are the most fun for me.

Fucking- yep, sex. Sex is fun! And food, sex and fun just go extremely well together- just ask the amorous squirrels in my yard.

Ya know what makes the Three F’s extremely complicated? Money.

Money has a way of complicating everything- everything that should be just a natural function of our lives. But we’ve determined that survival only exists in the realm of money which has completely thrown off the natural functions of the Three F’s.

Money won’t buy you happiness, even though it can buy you sex and food- but what’s the point of sex and food if you’re not happy and won’t enjoy it anyway?

Just take a lesson from the squirrels…or the Beatles. “All you need is love”…food and fun.

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May 25th 2012

“The very definition of tyranny is when all powers are gathered under one place.” -James Madison

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