Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones



Every 6 weeks or so I get a picture of my niece who has been promoted to newest belt rank in Tae Kwon Do. She now holds a purple belt and is making excellent headway towards earning her black belt. I couldn’t be more proud of her. In her short little years on this planet she has overcome many challenging things but has found an outlet that allows her to succeed and reach her fullest potential. Over the past several months, my niece has been a very big inspiration to me.



Over the past couple months things have been a bit of a rocky road for me as jobs have fallen through, I’ve learned the true nature of individuals that weren’t very flattering for them and have, as many in this country, dealt with financial hardships.

But then there was the updates about how well my niece is doing. She’s improving in school and takes it seriously when things don’t go right with her classes and hasn’t given up on Tae Kwon Do, excelling and earning belt promotions and placing in tournaments.

I’ve taken a huge lesson from her as she continues to excel regardless of how tough her short life has been, the lesson being never giving up. She hasn’t given up, she copes, adapts, strengthens and moves on and that’s something, that being more than twice her age, I’ve had to start teaching myself.

I wanted to share with you, dear friends, the lesson that this child has taught me. She has taught me, all though it is completely unbeknownst her,that you have got to have the smaller belts before achieving the black belt. In other words, learn to make stumbling blocks stepping stones.

Thanks, M, for the lessons you have taught me. Love you always.

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