Customer Service Gone Wrong

Update: Since this was written last night, the issue with the Tradehome Shoes store in Peoria, IL has been resolved after speaking with the regional supervisor. Though I think he was just as rude and obnoxious as the assistant store manager I had the displeasure of dealing, I appreciate him for taking time to discuss and resolve this matter with me.

It is by no mistake that corporation and corrupt begin with the same letters.

Today I have had the worst experience in customer service history. And I will not be bashful about the location of this customer service as I am at the point that I want to encourage everyone never to shop at Tradehome.

This particular Trade Home Shoes is located at 2200 West War Memorial Drive  Peoria, IL 61613-1000 {(309) 688-7155} and if you’re looking for great customer experience forget about it. This place gets an F.

A week ago we purchased a pair of shoes for my fiancee, assured by the salesman that we could return or exchange with no problem. After my fiancee tried the shoes, she determined that they hurt her feet more than the shoes she already had and decided to take them back. What we were told was not honored by the store’s assistant manager, even though we could name the employee who had assured us that a return would not be an issue. He wanted to issue a store credit or do an even exchange- the problem however was my fiancee had tried on a number of shoes at the time of initial purchase and then again after the assistant manager refused to honor what their store’s employee assured us would be a easy exchange process. Oh and PS there was no printed policy for returns on the receipt.

After a very frustrating encounter with a very rude assistant store manager we demanded the original shoes back, informing him that this was unacceptable and I later called demanding to have the actual store manager contact me.

Most companies are usually terrified of any bad publicity and therefore understand that if an employee says something then the company is obligated to uphold what has been told to the customer. They also understand that it is beyond stupid to suggest that the customer is lying about what they were told and oh yeah, lets not forget how damaging it can be for a company’s reputation to suggest that their customers are stupid for simply following what their salesperson told them. Most companies would understand this but not Tradehome Shoes and this is why I will never shop at this store again and I encourage anyone living in the Peoria IL or surrounding area to think twice before shopping there.

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