Black Friday: Proud of Yourself, America?

Man Tased at Wal-Mart

Black Friday brings Out Bad Behavior

Woman Pepper Sprays other Black Friday Shoppers

Off-duty Police Pepper Spray NC Shoppers

Proud of yourselves, America? This is what the world sees. For the past year, if not more, all I’ve heard is people bitching about greed, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and then what do you do? Wait for all those “bargains”, go out in the middle of the night, spend your poor pay check to make another man richer. Good job. You’ve learned nothing.

I’d ask when you will learn but if history tells me anything, the answer is, You never will. Year in and year out, the bitching will continue that “commercialism is taking over”, “Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year”, and “Blah blah blah corporations, blah blah blah greed.”

Things won’t change until you stop feeding the beast. Things won’t change until you stop supporting corporations and start supporting small businesses.





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