Dear Wal-Mart

This is an actual post I came across and I believe that the message here is so powerful that it needs to be shared. I have removed the store number to protect this individual’s privacy and have taken other measures to protect this person’s private life. It is my hope that this will have the same impact on you as it has me.

Dear wal-mart, 
Thank you so much for black out dates on taking time off to see family. I think it’s fucking awesome that I will not only miss thanksgiving but ALSO christmas with my children and family. Now I get to be ALONE during the holidays… Thanks for that. I really do appreciate your sales and profits coming before the lives of the families that pine away at a thankless job with no benefits to keep you not only the second largest employer in the world, but also one of the largest multi billion (dollar) companies in the world. So awesome of you to demonstrate how much the families really fucking matter, and to prey on workers who need your bull shit paycheck because of the economy and job market being so shotty. 
Sincerely, Disgrunteled employee from #****



I was graciously given permission to post this here.

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