Why the Occupy Wall Street Movement Won’t Work

While I am totally all for the current Occupy Wall Street movement, I don’t think, based on its current status, that it will work.

It will not work because there is no leadership. Without leadership, the movement is destined to die. And while the media is convinced OWS is already dead, the movement will ultimately die out because of the fact there isn’t a clear leadership or a defined goal.

Without a single voice the OWS movement simply looks like a drunken hippie rally from the outside and cannot and will not be taken seriously. While I support the ideals of the movement, however clear but few they are, I can’t take it serious. Nothing will ever come of this until things are organized.

There must be clear and defined goals: What do the people want from the government? How can the election process be changed to better suit the needs of the people? What are the needs of the people exactly? How can we change tax incentives to get corporations to keep jobs here etc…

With the Occupy Oakland movement turning violent every other day, it won’t be long before this movement will be utterly dismissed. The goal should not be to harm the livelihoods of others (including, believe it or not, those in corporations) but to put the fear of God into the government by making it damn clear WE THE PEOPLE will vote your asses out if you don’t govern according to our consent. BUT: This must be done peaceably and with diplomacy. Violence only proves incompetence: and that goes for both sides of the fence here.

Leaders from both the OWS movement and the government must come forth and talk- everyone must be heard. Things cannot continue without leadership. Turn this opportunity into something great- turn a new leaf for democracy.

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