Reasoning Skills

“There are no reasonable arguments happening on the playing field anywhere…”

The above is a quote from an article I wrote published this morning by ViewsHound and all day long the statement has been proven correct at every turn.

Because of my view points concerning Atheism and Religion- arguing that Atheism is becoming a religion unto itself- I’ve been attacked by rather militant atheists convinced I need a dictionary in order to understand what atheism truly means. Shockingly, I know what atheist means but that isn’t the point of this essay.

It is my long held belief that many people who claim the ability to reason really lack reasoning skills altogether. If they do, in fact, have reasoning skills, the conclusion I am forced to come to time again is that people can only reason within the parameters of what they accept to be true.

Unfortunately we have become a civilization hell bent on being correct, about everything, even if we’re wrong. We, as a society, have become terrified to be wrong about anything. We must be right at all costs thus leading to all the arguments and hot headed debates and fights perpetually happening in politics, religion and any other playing field you could possibly imagine.

In my opinion, it is true enlightenment to acknowledge our faults, admit we are wrong about things then move on, learning and growing from that point.

To perpetually argue that we are absolutely right no matter what is counter productive and does not result in peace and understanding in the end.

I offer a challenge to everyone, no matter what your stance is on things in life, to step outside your comfort zone and think beyond the realms of what you originally thought possible.

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